Thursday, August 25, 2011

TechArt 958 Aero Kit I for the Porsche Cayenne


Next month's 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany will stage the world premiere of Techart's second batch of styling and performance modifications for the new generation of the Cayenne.

Following the introduction of the excessive Cayenne Magnum in Geneva earlier this year, the renowned Porsche tuning firm has developed a more subtle design suite named Aerodynamic Kit I as well as new performance kit for the Turbo version called TA 058/T2.

The Aerodynamic Kit I comprises of a three-piece front spoiler, a new LED daytime unit combines daytime running light, side lighting, parking lighting and turn signal lights in one common housing, side skirts, wheel arch surrounds, a styling roof spoiler and a rear apron / diffuser.

Techart's dual tail pipes on either side of the bumper and a variety of alloy wheel designs in sizes from 20- to 23-inches complete the exterior makeover.

The company will also satisfy customers looking to improve the Cayenne's performance. For the diesel model, Techart's kit adds 40HP and 70Nm (51.6 lb-ft) of torque allowing the Cayenne to accelerate to 100 km/h (62mph) from standstill in 7.2 seconds and reach 160 km/h (100mph) in 18.9 seconds.

The firm's TA 058/T1 performance kit for the Turbo version of the Cayenne bumps output to 560HP and 780Nm (575.2 lb-ft) and improves accelerating to 100 km/h and 160 km/h to 4.4 and 9.9 seconds respectively

At the Frankfurt Show, Techart will reveal a second performance package for the Turbo model, the TA 058/2 that pushes output to an outrageous 600HP and upwards of 900Nm (663.8 lb-ft) of peak torque.

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